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Loot bags : Loot bags are not always exact in the picture. Some additional things are added and sometimes stuff is taken away and replaced by something else. you can inquire about what is in each bag.

Hostess : Hostess will provide one hour prep and one hour of games. Any additional time will cost $50.00 an hour.

Cake : The cake included in the packages are a 30 -35 people or a 20-25ppl or 14-18 ppl edible image cake. This cake comes in chocolate or vanilla flavors. The cake will have an edible image of your theme. If you wish to have a fondant cake we can do it at an additional cost.

Outfit for your child : The outfit for your child varies, it could be a full costume or a hat or a crown or mask. The outfit depends on the party.

Wall decal stickers: We need your permission to stick things on your walls. Just for4U parties will use safe things on your walls to prevent damage. If you do not wish to have anything ony your wall just let us know before the party.

Balloon bouquets: Just 4U parties fills your bouquets with helium float and they are transported in large bags. They are also picked up as close to the party time as possible. We are not responsible if the balloons begin to deflate at the party.

Gas charges : Anything that is 30 minutes away or more a $25 gas charge will be applied.