Cool birthday party games for kids

Just 4u parties have a wide of variety of birthday party games for kids.  We offer originality and creativity in every theme. One of my favorite parties is the Mario brother themed party. We facilitate a Mario bomb game, a Mario relay race, and pin the star on Mario.  The games are always a hit and one of my best and most cool birthday ideas for kids.Another one of my favorite themed  birthday party games for kids is the mine craft theme.  The mine craft theme  has an interesting and engaging scavenger hunt for the kids! This scavenger hunt has a few twists and turns to surprise the kids as they are hunting for diamonds.  We also do mine craft bingo and a creative building contest for all the little explorers!! This theme has a lot of creeper decor and sets the tone to be one of the best birthday themes!


mario brother themed party

One of my other favorite party games for kids is our circus themed birthday party! Guests arrive at the house as it is staged like a circus. They are greeted by the ring master and a small table filled with a balloon for each child as well as tickets for them to participate in the attractions. They can purchase a bag of popcorn, or cotton candy and then they get to look around the house trying out various  games such as a parachute game, a bean bag race, face painting and a magic show with a real clown. This is great for boys and girls birthday parties.

Circus Themed Birthday Party

Another really exciting theme is one of favorite girl’s birthday party ideas. It is the spa theme. The spa theme is for older girls. The cake table is decorated with tull and sparkling lights, a small water fountain with beautiful aromas and calming music. The girls are also greeted with a strawberry drink while they relax and wait for their treatments. They each receive a pouch that contains their spa accessories for the day. We do facials that the girls make themselves and apply to their partner. And then we do their nails and sometimes even glitter tattoos.


These are just a few of some of the fabulous themed games that just 4u parties has to offer. Check out our themes page to review several of our themes. Book your party today and us promise to bring the party to you!

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